About Us

PAC Financial Management is a full-service financial administration and reporting firm for candidate campaigns and political entities. We specialize in financial management and reporting for statewide, legislative, multi-county and local elected office candidate campaigns, as well as political committees, electioneering communications organizations, county political parties and political party clubs.

Founded in 1999, PAC Financial Management has worked with more than 300 entities. More than half our current clients are long-term clients in excess of eight years, and many have been with us for 15 years. We pride ourselves on providing not only the highest quality management and reporting services, but exceptional and friendly customer service. A client referral is the greatest compliment and we are pleased to be working with so many individuals referred by both current and past clients.

PAC Financial Management principals and staff have more than 50 years combined experience with Florida’s Elections Code and campaign finance reporting. Staff members also have 20 years of legislative and executive branch lobbying experience, in addition to more than 45 years experience in legal administration and legal assisting, concentrating in ethics and elections matters. This combination of experience and knowledge makes PAC Financial Management uniquely qualified to be part of a well-coordinated campaign team.