PAC Financial Management

PAC Financial Management

How We Work

Managing the finances of a campaign, political committee or party executive committee is a complex and often stressful undertaking.  With constantly changing reporting deadlines, not to mention statutes and rules, the task can be challenging, especially in the middle of a campaign.  

With decades of experience, the professionals at PAC Financial Management are uniquely qualified to manage all the essential tasks for you.  We relieve the burden of managing the compliance and financial services, so you can concentrate on winning races.  From preparing the initial candidate campaign and political committee filings, establishing credit card contribution protocols, managing bank transactions, to filing compliance reports – and everything in between – PAC Financial Management is your one-stop shop.

Competitive Advantage

PAC Financial Management created a software platform specifically designed for campaigns and political committees unique to Florida.  Drawing upon our decades of experience and input from industry leaders in the areas of campaign consulting, fundraising and election law experts, we crafted Compliance Check US (CCUS).

As all financial activity of your campaign and political committee is securely contained within CCUS, you can see at a glance – in real time – bank balances, contributor and expenditure information; review invoices, scans of contributions and reports.  Exporting contributor information is just a click away for thank you cards and fundraiser invites.  CCUS is intuitive and user friendly!

In addition, CCUS links with the electronic reporting systems for all 67 county Supervisor of Elections and the Florida Division of Elections for seamless report filing.