As a full-service campaign finance reporting firm, PAC Financial Management:

  • Prepares and files candidate campaign registration and qualifying documents
  • Prepares and files political committee registration documents
  • Prepares and files electioneering communications organization documents
  • Develops and maintains transactional databases, unique and secure to each client
  • Processes contributions and expenditures
  • Establishes and maintains websites for candidate and elected official affiliated committees
  • Tracks contributions to guard against excess contributions to candidates
  • Manages bank transactions, including wire transfers and electronic contributions
  • Monitors bank balances and communicates with clients to avoid deficit spending
  • Prepares, reviews and timely files all statutorily required campaign treasurer reports with the client’s filing officers
  • Prepares and files all required Internal Revenue Service filings
  • Implements, and strictly follows, internal controls and cross-checks
  • Prepares account reconciliations
  • Prepares detailed monthly client reports
  • Prepares comprehensive client annual reports
  • Coordinates tax filings

Our services are easily tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients – from large statewide political committees and legislative campaigns to local elective office and county referendum committees. PAC Financial Management works independently with each client to ensure that the client is not paying for unnecessary services.